Loving Care. For Everyone. Every Day.Love, acceptance, respect, compassion, caring, kindness, empathy, patience, sense of humor, flexibility.

Generous Donors

Spring Fundraiser Donations (2016)

Louise Beede

James Hayes

Poinsettia Fundraiser Donations

Penny Kellam-In memory of Jerry Kellam

Tim and Ellen Love

Kim and Terri Wurtemberger

Christine Robinson

Linda Hopkins


The Heralds-In memory of Joann Hughes

Trudy and Madeline Hobbs-In memory of Ron Esarey

Wanda Chamberlin-In memory of Ron Esarey

Chris and Gary Riggle-In memory of Ron Esarey

Patty Lamson

Boston Extension Homemakers Club

Ellen Love-In memory of Lavaine Haney

Allan and Miriam Rosar

Darrel and Wanda Ronan-In memory of Phyllis Pardieck

Upchurch Family Foundation

Zola Maxine Mosey Trust-In memory of Chuck and Maxine Mosey

Ernie Mills

Doris Armstrong-In memory of Betty Armstrong

Louella Hill-In honor of Betty Armstrong

Neil and Pat Gibson-In memory of Betty Armstrong

Enviro forensics-In memory of Betty Armstrong

Faith Ross-In memory of Jerry Ross

Tim and Ellen Love-In memory of Ruth Haney

Nancy Sharp-In memory of Vivian Brock

Marteen Dawes and Sue Cunningham

Alford and Sandra Moon-In memory of James Cook

Bob and Julie Snively-In memory of Gene Skinner

Dana and Jean Weigle-In memory of Gene Skinner

Wayne County Foundation Challenge Match Donations

Barbara Bechtel

Terri Harlan

Pam Haager

Gary and Mary Dimett

Doris Miller

Dr. and Mrs. Tom Grayson

Garry and Cheryl Kleer

Max and Ruth Ann Bahnweg

Dale and Barbara Norris

Janice Kahle

Tim and Joni Hirons

Jo Works

Peter and Nicole Blair

Max and Eva Bailey

Ten and Mary Asche

Ron and Ronda Christopher

Gary Wiggans

Carol Black

Ginny Cox

Patsy Batt

Mark and Karen Everett

Beth Brittenham

Sue Muckridge

Chuva Johnson

Joe and Diana Lahman

Barry and Carolyn MacDowell

Doug and Brenda Oler

Sean and Nicole Andreas

Ahaus Tool and Engineering

Senior Center Club

Kiwanis Golden K

Jim and Peggy Duke

Ruth Ann Carter

Keith and Virginia Esch

David and Mary Garman

Timothy and Rhonda Siegel

David and Cathy Showalter

Bob and Alice Chamness

Douglas and Christine Evans-In memory of Gene Houser

Marilyn Houser-In memory of Gene Houser

Vickie Bryant-In memory of Gene Houser

Matt Dye-In memory of Gene Houser

Jeff and Teresa Dye-In memory of Gene Houser

Morris and Bobbie Whitlock

Scott Shaver

Howard and Nancy Dailey

Phillip and Deborah Jordan

Greg and Donna Reising

Steve and Debbie Cox

Mindy Reece

Dick and Sheila Wissler

Rhonda Sheets

Donald Ebacher

Nancy Upchurch

Kevin Ahaus

Paul Hedges

C.G. Clarkson

Gary and Nancy Whitney

Boston, Bever, Klinge, Cross and Chidster

Steve and Joyce Waters

Mr. and Mrs. William Martus

Dr. and Mrs. William Black

Johnson's Dairy Queen, Inc.

Victoria Cooney

Lavona Bane

Kent and Kendra Beisner

Margaret Wolfe

Dana and Jean Weigle

Stephen and Angela Hornak

Richard and Dortha Meredith

Cy and Denise Burkart

Ahn Family Trust

Jeff and Lynda Jackson

Barbara Hameetman

Dale E. Howard Farms

Stephen and Carol Hunyadi

Bob and Toni Reinke

Paul and Pat Lingle

Vigran Family Foundation

Mary Martin

Mary Ann Coons

Dr. and Mrs. William Toedebusch

Brenda Bowmen

Clarice Warrick

Tom and Nancy Cox

Aleasia Stewart

John and Sheila McBride

Max and Dixie Edwards

Vergie Markley

John and Gayla Meredith

Rick Hughes

Sam and Etta Iden

James and Karen Lewis

Donald and Nancy Sanford

Mike and Nancy Perez

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Adult Day Care of Richmond
2727 East Main Street
Richmond , IN 47374
Phone: 765.966.0852
Fax: 765.962.4003

We are located in First English Lutheran Church but are a separate nonprofit, 501(C)3 state accredited corporation welcoming all who need care.

We are an equal opportunity employer