About Hand-in-Hand Adult Day Center


We at Adult Day Center, encourage, laugh with, support and protect frail, elderly, impaired adults and their families with structured activities, nurturing relationships and professional care of body, mind and spirit.

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Core Values

Love, acceptance, respect, compassion, caring, kindness, empathy, patience, sense of humor, flexibility.

Mission Statement

All adults are worthy of respect and deserve to be valued regardless of financial circumstances, physical, emotional, social, or mental impairment.

We at Adult Day Center, encourage, laugh with, support, and protect frail, elderly, impaired adults and their families with structured activities, nurturing relationships, and professional care of body, mind, and spirit.

What Is “Adult Day Center Of Richmond?”

Adult Day Center of Richmond was established in 1988. We are located in First English Lutheran Church but are a separate nonprofit, 501(C)3 state-accredited corporation welcoming all who need care.

We offer a structured, comprehensive program providing a variety of social programming and health support in a protective setting during the daytime hours. We have a secure facility with a stable, dedicated staff including a nurse on site every day.

We are governed by a board of directors and administered by Director Johanna Smith. We are funded through donations/memorials from community members and businesses, and participant fees.

We are a certified Medicaid Waiver provider. We have a level three Indiana certification for Adult Day Services.

The center has provided over 500,000 hours of service and has a capacity to serve over fifty people every day. Attendance is prescheduled and varies according to the needs of our families and their loved ones.

Who Attends ACD?

We are a program for individuals 18 years and older who have social, physical, mental, or emotional limitations and who require assistance and supervision in daily living. All participants must be under the care of a physician. Admission will require a two-step ppd (TB) skin test or a negative chest x-ray within the last three months.

Disabilities might include such conditions as strokes, heart problems, mobility difficulties, Parkinson’s, social isolation, Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, or early to middle stages of dementia (Alzheimer’s Disease).

Mobility may range from unassisted walking to wheelchair use. Our staff is prepared to assist individuals who need help with eating, walking, or use of the bathroom – always promoting appropriate independence and preserving dignity. Basic health monitoring such as weekly blood pressure checks and monthly weights are routinely done. Prescribed medications will be given according to physicians’ orders under the direct supervision of a nurse or designated professional staff member.

What Activites Take Place?

Socialization and interaction with peers along with mental and physical stimulation are achieved through such activities as discussions, exercises, arts and crafts, reminiscence time, games, sing-a-longs, field trips, etc. All activities are experienced in a structured and “failure safe” environment…we program for success, not frustration or failure.

Programming occurs within group or cluster formats as well as individually. Two cozy Day Rooms and our ‘snoezelen room’ are available to accommodate those needing normal stimuli and conversation, those best served by a calmer environment, and those needing intensive one-on-one interventions.

  • Choice of many structured, social, and memory stimulation, failure-free group and individual activities.
  • An exercise program – we like to keep moving!
  • An “upbeat”, happy, deeply caring home-like environment encouraging peer companionship.
  • Specially trained program staff.
  • Health monitoring and medication assistance by our two nurses.
  • A staff/participant ratio of 1 staff for each 4 participants.
  • Continental breakfast, a hot noon meal, and nutritious snacks-special diets accommodated.
  • Assistance with eating, walking, or personal care (help in restroom).
  • Personal hygiene care, including bathing and laundry facilities.
  • Door-to-door transportation in our handicap-accessible vans with wheelchair lifts – including rural and county transportation. (Approximately 20 miles from our center) (Preble County Transit and Union County Transit also provide transportation to our center.)
  • A safe environment – we have a secure unit to ensure the safety of those who may be confused or wander.
  • Intergenerational C.A.R.E. (children and adults reaching each other) onsite four mornings a week during the school year.
  • Daily exercise groups, news discussions, and memory reinforcement activities.
  • A cost-effective alternative to institutionalization.
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How ADC is Staffed?

In addition to our director, our staff consists of two nurses (one on-site at all times), a certified activity director, certified program assistants, behavioral clinician, various support staff and volunteers.

When Is The Day Center Open?

We are open Monday through Friday – normally from 8:00am through 5:30pm. The majority of planned activities take place from 10am until 3:30pm. Most participants attend our program at least two days a week and many attend every day.

Are There Programs That Cover The Cost Of Your Services?

We accept Aged and Disabled (A&D) Medicaid Waiver, CHOICE, and your long-term care insurance may have a reimbursement policy available. Financial assistance is also available through our scholarships.

Assistance from LifeStream on Aging or Adult Day Center discounts may be available.

Our daily cost includes the hot noon meal, snacks, program costs and transportation.


Transportation for many participants can be provided, at no additional charge, by our handicapped accessible vans – or families may prefer to provide transportation on their own schedule.

Adult Day Center Van